excellence in health journalism awards

Excellence in Health Journalism Awards

SacredFireGala.Com – On this happy day, we will give special appreciation to the journalists who have provided support so that can provide knowledge and dissemination of health information quickly and accurately.  This below are the Journalism who help to spread the news and receive this excellence in health journalism awards.

James Gormley

James Gormley

Award-winning health journalist and best-selling author James Gormley has over twenty years’ experience in publishing and health communication. He is the Vice President and Senior Policy Adviser for Health Residents, a member of the Board of Managers of the Natural Health Research Institute (NHRI), columnist for the “Global Regulatory” for Nutritional Outlook magazine, and a columnist for Virgo INSIDER’s Nature Products From 2006 to 2008. Gormley is the editor-in-chief of three leading health food industry magazines for Vitamin Retail Magazine. He was probably best known as the Better Nutrition Magazine from 1995 to 2002) and has served as Scientific Officer and Regulation Nutrition (2002 to 2006), when he attended CODEX  and handled national and international regulatory filings. Radio, TV and lectures have been discussed such as FDA regulations, childhood obesity, omega-3 fats, organic rights and consumers.


William J. Skinner

william j skinner

William J. Skinner, a registered lawyer and pharmacist with more than forty years of experience, has edited and published Natural Medicine Law bulletins for decades.
His Newsletter provides up-to-date, detailed reports and discloses actions from the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and the courts, as well as detailed information on certain healthcare and healthcare industries. This is a highly respected source among drug law publications.


Robert Scott Bell

robert scott bell

Robert Scott Bell, the dynamic, intelligent and graceful Robert Scott Bell Show host, has been broadcasting since 1999. His program covers news in health, politics and economics for two hours every day, six days a week in radio or TV format. He makes sense from medical propaganda, takes the complex and breaks it down into a more understandable form. The point is to bring freedom and power to heal people back, replace them.


Paul H.D. Rothfuss

paul h.d rothfuss

Paul H. D. Rothfuss is a media industry and a classic entrepreneur. Since 1975, along with its financial and operating partners, Rothfuss has owned and operated medium-sized media companies primarily in the Eastern United States. His company has more than sixty radio stations, in the small market (Olean, NY) and large markets (Houston, TX). Rothfuss studied radio and television business from scratch. In 1958, when he was seventeen, he began as a broadcaster at WMPT in South Williamsport, PA. After three years (1960-1962) as a radio and TV figure with Susquehanna Broadcasting, Rothfuss decided to concentrate on the radio. From 1963 to 1973 (“disguised” as Paul Rodgers), he was a top-rated radio personality in Baltimore, MD, and a successful commercial / TV commercial player in the Baltimore-Washington area.
In 1995, anticipating the coming into effect of the amendment to the Communications Act, Rothfuss established Saber Communications, Inc., for the sole purpose of acquiring a small group of radio stations in the small / medium market. Saber made contact with a number of radio stations (time brokering agreements, marketing agreements, etc.), and acquired the station when station ownership was expanded with the signing of the Communications Act of 1996. Saber was sold in December 2002. From 2003 to 2011 Mr. Rothfuss is the Managing Director of two consulting firms where he and his partners provide financial / operational advice to the radio broadcaster.
In 1959 he married his high school lover (and still is), a former Barbara Allen Love. Barbie and Paul have three children (two boys on the radio), ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Deborah Ray Roseman

deborah ray roseman

Over the past twenty-five years, Deborah Ray has brought quality health information to radio listeners.
He began his career as a local radio talk show host in Tampa, Florida in 1982. His performance quickly developed into a national syndication. Named as one of the 100 most important talk show host in America by Talkers Magazine, Deborah Ray is also a recipient of the Wisdom Media Worldview Award and National Nutrition Award Food Nutrition Association for its contribution to the natural product industry.
Deborah Ray had believed strongly in integrative medicine since she was twenty-three, when she was told she needed a colostomy. Not performing an operation, he started a lifelong exploration of a safe natural alternative to conventional medicine.
His education, personal health challenges and years of experience on the radio made Deborah Ray a popular and attractive host with a keen ability to ask the right questions and present complex information in ways that everyone could understand.


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