excellence in health product innovation awards

Excellence in Health Product Innovation Awards

SacredFireGala.com – On this occasion, we give awards to the supporters in developing health in developing health products and keeping all healthy. Here are the developers that we will give excellence in health product innovation awards.

Scott Henderson

scott henderson

Scott Henderson joined the 5 Hour Energy as President in January 2006. At that time he was the sixteenth employee and the company earned $ 8 million – $ 3 million in revenue from 5 hours. Since then, he has built a world-class team and has led the company’s growth to $ 600 million in sales with more than 400 employees. 5 hours sells about nine million bottles per week and to date has sold over 1.7 billion bottles. 5 hours has more than 90% of the energy market share that was shot and found alongside the cash list that almost never existed in the various trading classes.

Before joining 5 Hours, Mr. Henderson spent nearly six years as an executive in capacity at Handleman Company, Fortune 1000.
Mr. Henderson earned his BS and MBA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Jerry Smith

jerry smith

Jerry Smith, founder of Le Bleu Corporation and Nature’s Pearl Corporation, currently serves as CEO for both companies. Mr. Smith is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word, and he was named the Best Entrepreneur in North Carolina. With intuition and perfect strategic timing, Mr. Smith created a system of production control, quality control, marketing and finance in these two global companies.

Founded in 1990, when bottled water is barely significant in the beverage industry, Le Bleu Corporation has been consistently recognized by Beverage Industry Magazine as part of the top 100 beverage companies in the United States, which includes soft drinks, juices, alcohol and water. Mr. Smith has been in the water treatment industry for over thirty years and has many patents. As a pioneer of fractional vapor compression distortion, he has caused Le Bleu to collect more than $ 750 million of water-related sales over the past thirty years.

Mr. Smith holds the highest certification in the industry as a Certified Water Specialist 5, including accreditation from the National Water Quality Association in distillation, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, demineralization and water disinfection. Mr. Smith has been awarded important contracts in every beverage distribution channel, including retail, food service, military contracts and DSD relationships.

Developed in 2005 and marketed since 2007, Nature’s Pearl offers consumers the highest quality muscadine-based products, including supplements, skincare, personal care, energy drinks and protein shakes. To create sustainable material resources, Mr. Smith negotiated a major contract with muscadine farmers throughout the southeast, which is the foundation for the future infrastructure of this international product distribution system.


Will Block

will block

Will Block of Life Enhancement Corporation is a scientific researcher, author and speaker specializing in life development, life enhancement and cognitive enhancement aspects of nutritional science.

In 1985, Will Block had a vision of a nutritional company that would identify, develop and market unique dietary supplements and improve health based on new science. In particular, the Block focuses on the nutritional elements associated with reducing disease and age-related stress, in the hope of developing a formula that can help extend the life and quality of human life.

Through an innovative production, quality control and delivery system, Mr. Block has introduced a safe and effective formulation. In addition to his own product formulations, he relies on a variety of scientific and medical formulators with exceptional talent, including Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw; Dr. Jonathan V. Wright; Dr. Richard C. Kaufman; Dr. Seymour F. Trager; and Dr. Ward Dean.


Steve Wallach

steve wallach

With nearly two decades of sales and network marketing experience, Youngevity International CEO Steve Wallach has successfully guided companies from domestic vendors to marketers of products and services worldwide to support a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Wallach shares his father’s passion, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, to obtain the public right to complete and accurate health information. He is often a guest of radio talk show programs and announces the company’s mission to provide information to consumers, enabling them to make the right health care decisions.


Dr. Patricia Bragg

dr patricia bragg

Dr. Patricia Bragg is a vibrant and versatile R & D President. The story of Bragg Live Food Products began in 1912 when a war soldier named PaulC.Bragg had a new vision to improve American health and nutrition. He witnessed the introduction of food and versatile food spread all over the country. Unhealthy foods harm health and shorten millions of lives.


That awareness inspires itself to start a new kind of company, a company that will produce high quality organic health food and natural products to help people achieve optimal health. He also has a vision that through this new company, he will create and publish self-help books and publications to educate the public on the Healthy Bragg Lifestyle philosophy. As a result of Paul Bragg’s hard work and determination to achieve a worthy goal, Bragg Live Food Products Company was born.

Dr. Paul C. Bragg then inspired his dedicated daughter, Dr. Patricia Bragg, to join him in his global social war. Patricia Bragg joined and partnered with her father by helping her and advancing the company’s work, giving her health books and teaching with her, holding Bragg Health Crusades in countries around the world.

Dr. Patricia Bragg now continues her 100 years of heritage at Bragg Health Crusade relentlessly distributing Bragg’s precepts through health and fitness seminars and free lectures. She has gained international recognition for her health education through Bragg Health Crusades and thousands of radio, television and print interviews. Currently, Bragg Live Food Products Company is recognized as the leader of the Health Food Industry. Bragg Live Food Products and Bragg Health Books are distributed globally and have helped millions of people enjoy a long, healthy, fulfilled and active life.


Dr. Luke Bucci

dr luke bucci

Dr. Luke Bucci is Director of Solid Nutrition, a nutrition consultancy and design company. Dr. Bucci has leadership positions in science applications at leading food supplements manufacturers in the market and clinical laboratories. Dr. Bucci pioneered the development of a joint health diet supplement for the mass retail market, introducing a glucosamine + chondroitin combination product in 1991. Bucci introduced Move Free® and Megared® Krill Oil products that are the leading brands in joints and omega-3 categories. , as well as dozens of other successful dietary supplements. Dr. Bucci has done preclinical and human clinical research on the effects of dietary supplements.

The post-doctoral appointment to Radiotherapy Department at MD Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute followed, where Dr. Bucci studied his influence. chemotherapy and radiotherapy in normal animals and human tissues. Dr. Bucci formed a Solid Nutrition in 1991, a clinical nutrition consultant and educational company, which it owns and directs.

Dr. Bucci was research director for Biotics Research Corporation in Houston, Texas from 1985 to 1992. In 1992, Dr. Bucci served as director of science and quality first at Spectracell Laboratories Inc. in Houston, Texas, transferring a functional nutrition assessment from academia. for clinical laboratory applications that can be reproduced and replaced. Dr. Bucci is Vice President, Research for Weider / Schiff nutrition for over seventeen years, and Scientific & Research Specialist for Schiff Nutrition after being acquired by Reckitt Benckiser in 2013. Recently. Bucci has been Senior Vice President of Research and Scientific at Renew Life

Dr. Bucci holds several patents and patent applications on clinical laboratory testing methods and dietary supplements. As a recognized author and lecturer, Dr. Bucci has written four texts, eleven chapters, over thirty-five articles of peer-reviewed research journal, thirty-seven abstracts, over 100 technical journals, and has presented hundreds of lectures and discussions invited to various topics worldwide Additionally, he serves as Chief Editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition.


Dr. H. Reginald McDaniel

dr h reginald mcdaniel

Dr. H. Reginald McDaniel, MD earned his BSD Cum Laude degree in 1958 with a double degree in Chemistry – Biology from Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas and his MD degree in 1962 from South Medical School, University of Texas, followed by an Internship at Parkland Memorial Hospital, both in Dallas, Texas.

Since graduating from medical school, Dr. McDaniel has spent over thirty years practicing Clinical Anatomy and Pathology, including as Director of Pathology & Laboratory and Director of Medical Education at Dallas-Ft. Worth Medical Center in Grande Prairie, Texas.

In 1981, he began research at the Fisher Institute for Medical Research using peanut extract to simulate the immune system. McDaniel then focuses on glyconutrients to help human health.


Francis S. Key

francis s key

Francis S. Key is Principal Scientist and Founder of the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. who did research on colloidal metals. Mr. Key was educated at Columbia University and Newark College of Engineering. Mr. Key has an extensive background in electrical engineering, computer science, and various branches of physics and engineering. Expert Experiences Research and scientific engineering cover a period of more than forty-six years, beginning with its contribution to the design of space flight hardware used on Apollo and Viking space missions.

Mr Key is renowned for its attention to detail, and an endless investigative procedure, both of which result in innovative solutions to defense, aerospace and private industry issues.

Mr. Key has carefully researched the production of colloidal silver and has built an art lab facility for colloidal research. He has also applied analytical methods and developed a manufacturing process that ensures the highest purity and consistency for colloid products.


Stan Soper

stan soper

Stan Soper is Vice President of Legal Affairs of Nutraceutical International Corporation (NASDAQ: NUTR). He is responsible for legal and regulatory matters in Nutraceutical and plays a key role in business development and acquisitions. Nutraceutical is based in Park City, Utah and is a leading NASDAQ listed manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements, cosmetics and health food products sold primarily in health food stores.


He has been a negotiator, officer and adviser for over forty-five domestic and international acquisitions, raising revenues from $ 65 million to over $ 220 million. Mr. Soper has been responsible for the establishment and key of the ongoing aspects of foreign operations in the UK, Norway, China, Japan and the Caribbean. Mr.Soper also became the key strategist behind important industry initiatives and challenges. Soper has worked for Nutraceutical since 1997 except for eighteen months, beginning in 1999, where he founded a tech startup in Boston.

Prior to joining Nutraceutical, Mr. Soper is an associate at the Salt & City office in Salt Lake City, with practices that focus primarily on the areas of mergers & acquisitions and international business transactions. Soper receives a B.A. in English, Magna CumLaude and with Honors University, from Brigham Young University in 1988 and J.D. from Yale Law School in 1991.

Mr.Soper is the Yale School Alumni Association Secretary. He organizes and serves as the founding President of Corporate Advisory Society and Mountain Circle on the Board of Directors. Mr.Soper has served as a member of the board of commissioners or volunteers for a number of nonprofit organizations. Mr.Soper is married to Gwendolyn Taylor, a musician who previously sang alongside the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops, Utah Chamber Artists, and as the main soprano with Utah Light Opera. They have three adult children, all of whom are students or BYU graduates.


Christian Wilde

christian wilde

Christian Wilde is an independent songwriter and record producer Warner Bros., Capitol / EMI and Universal’s UNI Records for eighteen years before leaving the music industry to continue developing land in northern Nevada. While undergoing routine dental treatment in Los Angeles in 1988, he became convinced that the family was not exposed to the correct path of infection and cross-contamination during normal tooth visits.


That awareness inspired her to write her first book, “Disease and Dental Office.” Many of the protections that families enjoy today during routine dental procedures, namely sterile packages, barrier, gloves, masks and overall stronger adherence to the ADA, are affected by the original book.


In 1997, although he was asymptomatic, he became aware of cardiovascular problems in his own life so that a physician’s origin could not explain or reverse it. As he explained in his second book, when the researchers assigned a value of 400 coronary calcifications to carry a 10 times greater risk of heart attack and with a documented score that would rise to more than 3,000, he was forced to become an advocate, devoting five and a half years of subsequent research about the additional causes of heart disease outside of cholesterol.


This study led to the writing of “Causes of Hidden Heart Attack and Stroke (swelling, new limits of cardiology).” Recognized as one of the first books to inform the public about the role of inflammation in heart disease, this book will be endorsed by the Director of Cardiology at five major universities with the introduction of MD, Ph.D., Karol Watson, Director of Cardiology and Lipid Management Prevention and Therapy Management at UCLA.
Wilde has written “Christian Wilde Stem Cell and Turmeric Research Report” for several years, exploring a number of beneficial diseases from stem cell research in FDA trials.

Away from his initial career as a legitimate singer, Wilde released a new fourteen CD track song in 2013, titled, “Journey on Hold,” featuring eleven original songs.

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