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Respect those who have been chasing the right people to know.

First Amandment hall of Fame – The right to know about government action is now an essential part of America’s democratic heritage. This correct legal foundation was established on July 4, 1966, when President Johnson signed the Freedom of Information Act. In 1974, FOIA was strengthened by the promulgation of major amendments.


A new measure, which will apply FOIA principles to electronic records, was approved by the House and Senate committees at the 104th Congress. Journalists have been using the action for over three decades to generate thousands of news, including some of the most important exposures of our time. Using FOIA, journalists call for government accountability, open crime, and help shape American public policy in key ways.


Many people in government, legislators and also enlightened federal administrators are contributing to the creation and implementation of FOIA. Others, including the president and some in Congress, have succeeded in weakening the FOIA. In part, this is a vigilance against news organizations and journalists, backed by enlightened federal leaders, who have defended such actions.

A coalition of media organizations joined in 1996 to commemorate 30 years of FOIA. One goal is to develop a plan to expand the right of Americans to know their government’s actions. The other is to recognize key individuals who have demonstrated strong leadership with respect to FOIA. These people have developed and defended federal laws, ensuring the right of the American public to know the actions of its government and to help journalists use such actions in their work.

The following people are respected for their unique role in helping to build, defend and leverage the legal basis for the right to know. After James Madison’s special award


Dr. Joel D. Wallach


dr joel d wallach

Dr. Joel D W. take Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science at Missouri’s University. Joel worked as an animal pathologist, University of Washington, St. Louis, Missouri and the Primate Research Center of Yerkes in Atlanta, Georgia, at Emory University.

He tried and make a successful reproduce the monkey’s condition due to malnutrition using cystic fibrosis. His findings offered a lot of hope to children who suffered from this illness, but after announcing it, the Agency fired him. Surprised and confused, Dr. Wallach made the decision to go to medical school so he could take care of the children with his own cystic fibrosis.

He has pioneered nutritional research in many areas and has followed health claims claims with the FDA, particularly those that outperformed FDA censorship because of the claim that selenium reduces the incidence of certain types of cancers.

He is the founder of Youngevity International, Inc. and lectures around the world on nutrition issues. The global reach and advocacy of endless optimum nutrition has brought millions of people around the world to accept cheap ways to improve health and maintain health.

Other awards are accepted
Excellence in Product Health Innovation


Dr. Julian M. Whitaker


dr julian , whitaker

Dr. Julian M. Whitaker graduated from Dartmouth and Emory University, Georgia. He completed a medical surgical apprenticeship at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta in 1971 and continued his training at the University of California at San Francisco.

In addition to his busy medical practice, Dr. Whitaker is an internationally renowned integrative champion. He is a strong voice against the FDA harassment and the relentless supporters of effective therapies that are often overlooked by conventional medicine. His strong conviction to ensure medical freedom encouraged him to find the nonprofit Freedom Foundation. Dr. Whitaker is a member and senior councilor of the American College for Advancement in Medicine and former president of the Natural Health. He is also a founder, along with Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling, PhD, of the Orthomolecular Medical Society of California.


Dr. Ir. Whitaker includes the 30-year Excellence Excellence Award from the Burzynski Clinic, the American Reflexology Association’s American Physician Award, Lifetime for Nutritionists Clinicalists, Human Rights Award for Human Rights, Emord & Associate Guardian of the Constitution Award, American Humanitarian Inventory Club of the Year This, and the American College for Advancement in Medicine’s Presidential Commendation.

Other awards are accepted
Fire Fire Liberty
Excellence in Integrative Medicine


Gretchen DuBeau


Gretchen DuBeau

Gretchen DuBeau in 2008 already joined the Alliance for Health Freedom of USA, now known as Natural Health as Executive and Legal Director. An environmentalist and devotee of natural health and healing, Dubeau has found a perfect peak of his interest in ANH -USA, at where she works to divert the current medical paradigm into one that includes integrative prevention and cure as a real standard of care.


She supported the Integrative Treatment Consortium as Chair of the Public Policy and Public Policy Chair, the advisory board for the International College for Integrative Medicine (ICIM), and joined the ANH-USA board in 2010; Nutrition Certification Agency (CBNS), where he served as Treasurer, in 2011; ANH-International and Responsible Technology Institute in 2012; and the Praktikos Institute in 2014.


Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw


durk pearson sandy shaw

Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson were plaintiffs in seven First Amendment cases in which they cried because of FDA censorship. They are two of the world’s most famous and world-renowned personal liberators, research scientists, nutrition formula designers, bestselling New York Times bestsellers, screenwriter, inventor and patent holder.

Pearson and Shaw together wrote the script, designed the action, and even acted as technician for the 1978 episode of “The Wonderful World or Disney,” entitled “Black Holes, Space and Time Monster.” They also acted as scientific and technical advisors and received screen credits for Clint Eastwood’s “Firefox” film and performed as a cameo, writing scenarios for, and designing the stunt used in the Eastwood movie “The Dead Pool.” They also received screen credits to act as technical adviser to the movie “Brainstorm” Douglas Trumbull, starring Natalie Wood.

Durk Pearson helped design life support systems on the Gemini spacecraft. Both Pearson and Shaw have designed a safe system for medical equipment and food manufacturing.

Most notably, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw were the primary plaintiffs in the First Amendment victory over FDA censorship, Pearson v. Shalala (1999).

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