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Freedom of Informed Choice Awards

SacredFireGala.Com – in a happy celebration of Jonathan W Emord’s honor and honor, we will provide some supportive people in the execution so they can gain freedom in opinion and freedom of informed choice. Here are some people who are awarded for freedom of informed.

Dorris Wood

Dorris Wood

Dorris Wood is one of the most recognized and respected experts in multi-level marketing in the world. His passion for, his expertise and his dedication to the industry is unparalleled for over fifty-five years of successful experience.

Ms. Wood has a unique and extensive network marketing background, including every field, staff and company level known in the industry from Distributor to Chairman of the Board.

His books, “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Dictionary” are the entrepreneurship spirit discourse. He has been mentioned or quoted in many books, newspapers around the world and some books published abroad have been dedicated to him.

Ms. Wood’s donations to the Network Marketing industry are legendary. He was inducted into the Setup Board of the Multilevel Markerting Industry Association, received the Industry Icon Award at the Direct Sales Journal Exhibition, and was appointed to the Advisory Board, Graduate Business School, University of Illinois, (Chicago). He was named among the fifty most influential people in the multilevel marketing industry.

He was named the first industry legend by Direct Selling Live, one of the top twenty-five industry speakers by Nexera. In 2013, she received Lifetime Achievement from Asian Networkers and was appointed as Hall of Fame by The Academy of MultiLevel Marketing (TAMM).


Bert Schwitters

bert Schwitters

Since the 1970s, Bert Schwitters has run a company that markets dietary supplements in Europe and other parts of the world. In 2011, he returned to his first love and his original profession, investigative journalism. In 2012, she published “The Censored Health Claims,” which reveals the European Healthcare Compliance Regulations as a companion to contradictory, disproportionate and inappropriate regulations aimed at silencing all food and nutrition businesses on a permanent basis in the field of nutrition and health.


In “The Censored Health Claims” Schwitters exposed that the ideological motivations in the Health Claim Regulation. Bert also provides legal and regulatory advice to the Association health.


Twila Brase

Twila Brase

Twila Brase is Co-Founder of the CCH ( Citizens Council for Health) Freedom, a national organization headquartered in St. Petersburg. Paul, Minnesota.

In August 2009, Modern Healthcare magazine named Ms. Brase among the “100 Most Powerful People in Health Care”. CCH Freedom embarked on an “Obamacare Games” billboard campaign launched in March 2014 and its efforts have helped 34 countries reject the exchange of Obamacare, stop government care instructions, add approval requirements to access patient data, attract national awareness for breaches of national privacy concerning DNA newborns and led to successful lawsuits in Minnesota and Texas against illegal storage, use, and dissemination of infant DNA for genetic research without parental consent In October 2013, Ms. Brase receives Eagle Eagle Eagle 2013 for Minnesota.

“Treatment of Freedom of Health” Ms. Brase voice was heard in forty states and nearly 350 radio stations. She gave testimony in the state legislature, met with members of Congress and spoke throughout the country.

Ms Brase specializing in emergency care. She is a certified community health nurse.


Norman Kirk Singleton

norman kirk singleton

Norman Kirk Singleton is Vice President for Policy at Campaign for Liberty. Singleton also positioned himself as a legislative assistant for members of Paul’s Congress from 1997, when he make a way to became a member of the Congress of Paul Legislative Directors until Paul Congress abandoned Congress in 2013.


Singleton also serves as director of voluntary policy for Ron Paul’s Presidency Campaign 2012. Prior to working for Ron Paul, Singleton worked for the National Human Rights Committee. He is also a founding member of the Republic of Liberty Caucus.


Sheila Matthews-Gallo

Sheila Matthews Gallo

Sheila Matthews is one of the AbleChild’s Co-Founder. Matthews ban antidepressants drugs from use in the foster ward in Connecticut state. Matthews led a battle for transparency, petitioned through the Freedom of Informed Choice Act, for the disclosure of health / mental data and toxicology shooter Adam Lanza. Matthews Always meets lawmakers regularly regarding legislative acts, including incorporating the MedWatch Reporting System to be part of health care providers.


Matthews has appeared on CNN and FOX, in Time magazine and is a regular guest on national and international radio shows about informed consent because it deals with psychiatric labeling and delivery.


Dr. Richard Desylva

Dr. Richard DeSylva

Dr. Richard Desylva has been a Herbalist since 1977 and Doctor of Natural Medicine since 2004. Graduate of Dominion Herbal College and Green Shores Herbal School, Richard is also an apprentice with Dr. Albert Thut ND MNIMH in Guelph, Ontario.

Since 1984, Dr. Desylva has been a great lobbyist and herbal medicine advocate, helping represent the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA) in 1984 with a Review of Health Professions Review (Review). Continuing with the federal government with all subsequent regulations, up to and including the latest Health Product regulations (NHPD) which came into effect in 2004. In 2012, Desylva is helping to spearhead and finance lawsuits against Health Canada, which challenges the current NHPD. regulations as unconstitutional and offensive to the Charter of Rights.

He has taught pilgrim courses for Wild Rose College and Transformational Arts College, teaching locally, in Canada as well as around the world in Russia, Australia and the United States. He has written for various magazines, including the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, and is writing a book on botanical medicine and the nature of his illness.

Dr. Desylva was at the Ontario Herbalist Association Board from 1984 to 1993 and 2003 to 2005 and currently serves another term with the OHA Board, and is one of two OHA representatives with the National Canadian Herbalist Association Council. His practice specializes in treating chronic degenerative conditions, and his company, The Herb Works, exports a number of formulas to Italy, China and the United States.


Donna Miszler-Navarro

Donna Miszler Navarro

Donna Miszler-Navarro is a medical activist who advocates free choice of information for patients with terminal illness. She has introduced laws to protect those rights and has helped many families fight the FDA bureaucracy in an effort to find alternative alternative medicine. She performed with the late Thomas in the documentary “Cut Poison Burn” depicting a medical establishment monopoly and FDA’s obstacles for medical care for severely ill people.


She is a Health Coach with a Bachelor of Health Science in Health and Fitness. She is currently advocating legislative changes to patient rights in the state of Texas and in the United States Congress.


Barbara Loe Fisher

barbara loe fisher

Barbara Loe Fisher is Co-Founder and President of the nonprofit charity, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) established in 1982. For the past three decades, she has led the security movement and informed vaccine approval in order to ensure vaccine safety. and protection of informed consent in US vaccine policies and laws.


He is co-author of “DPT: A Shot in the Dark,” “Consumer Guides for the Childhood Vaccine,” and “Vaccine & Legal Reform Policy: Guidelines”. He is the editor of NVIC Newsletter and video blogger for and He served as a consumer member of the U.S. vaccine advisory committee. for two decades and have testified in Congress. As one of the world’s leading non-medical advocates who support science, policy, law and ethical vaccines, he has been cited in various national and international media on vaccine issues.


A long note about his consumer advocacy is featured in the award-winning 2011 documentary film “The Greater Good.”


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