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Sacred Fire Gala Logistic

 Thank you for the presence in SFoL Gala :


SacredFireGala.Com – We are waiting to meeting you at SFoL Gala, 5th and 6th September, at Hyatt Resort, Cambridge, Maryland. All of you are the part of 300 invited guests just for this great event. We help providing details of your stay. Please keep this copy as guide during the start event.

MOTOR TRAINING FOR HYATT on Thursday, September 4th.

Participant whose booked a motor can see “SACRED FIRE GALA” sign in claiming baggage. Greeters will be there at 6:20. The greeter will call the motor coach for pick-up. The motor coach will leave BWI for Hyatt at exactly 6:30. If anyone fails to drive a motorcycle at 6:30 pm departure time, he / she needs to bring his own vehicle to the Hyatt.

MOTOR TRAINING FOR HYATT on Friday, September 5th.

Participant whose have booked a motor coach venue will be at arrival number 8 around 10:50 until 13:50. On the front side of the motor coach’s front passenger will be a punctuation mark “SACRED FIRE GALA.” Airport security prohibits motor trainers from stationary stations going to pick-up locations so it is important to be there on arrival of motor coaches. The motor coach will leave BWI for the Hyatt at 11:00 and 14:00, respectively. If anyone fails to drive a motorcycle at 11:00 or 14:00 departure time, he / she must bring his own vehicle to the Hyatt.



Find someone who dress like your SFoL Gala host. They will provide any information you need. If you still have concerns about the features of the resort, rooms, and accommodations should be directed to the hotel management at the front desk. At registration, you will be given an identification badge with a desk number and tourist options printed on it, gift bags containing value items, Program Events, free water and Le Bleu juice, and instructions. You will be invited to choose the “There’s Gonna Be Revolution” t-shirt option in red, white or blue and to sign an official gala list (correct, with quills and ink). The event registration area is open on Thursday, September 4, from 2 pm to 9 pm and on Friday, September 5, from 12 noon to 4 pm.


Friday night outfit is a black tie (men dressed in tuxedos, women dressed gowns, military personnel active duty uniformed). Saturday morning dress for a casual event. Saturday night dress is a casual affair.



September 5th (Gala Admissions and Gala Dinner):

The program will begins on 5th September, at 5 pm with reception desk outside Ballroom. At exactly 17:45, the Choptank Ballroom door will open and everyone will sit for the final black tie event. The event continued on Saturday morning with a visit.

September 6th (Visit):

Everyone who has signed up for one of three visits (Rand Paul Capitol Hill Tour, Mt. Vernon Vernon Tour or Ford VIP Theater Tour) must gather in the resort lobby at 6:30 am and approach each tour guide for confirm the presence of Motorcycle Coaches to each place will leave immediately at 07:00. If you are on Rand Paul Capitol Hill Tour, your guides are Bob and Judy Bell.

They will be in the resort lobby at 6:30 am wearing red shirts and holding a sign saying “CAPITOL HILL.” If you’re on the VIP’s Mount Tour, your guides will be Bob T. and Geri F. They will waiting in the resort lobby at 6.30 am wearing a white show shirt and holding a sign saying “CAPITOL HILL.”

If you follow the VIP’s Ford’s, your guides will be Renee Richardson and Eric. They will waiting in the resort lobby at 6.30 am wearing a blue show shirt and holding a sign saying “FORD’S THEATER.” After the cruise list is complete, and directed to the motor coach each one, and given time and back to resort.

Be sure back to the place determined by the guide, the motor coach will depart at least 15 minutes later. If anyone fails to return on time to the motor coach, he or she should arrange his own transportation to the resort.


September 6 (Award Program):

Dinner is not provided by the event sponsor on September 6, so please make your own dinner arrangements at 5 pm on September 6th, note that the start time for the second day is 06:00 at Choptank Ballroom. There are some excellent restaurants within the resort complex. There will be hors d’oeuvres stations for snack consumption during the second day event behind Choptank ballroom for snacks during the program. All motorcycling coaches return to the resort by 4pm, giving you time to change and have dinner, but we suggest you make your dinner reservation now through the resort officers to avoid congestion in the resort restaurants.



Participant whose booking a motorbike transportatio, be sure ready by 6:00 am to bring you to BWI and will leave at 6:10 am. If a person is not present before the time of departure, he / she needs to arrange his own transportation to BWI.

We hope this review will help you plan your trip.



Event Staff: , Don Weber, Glenn Dewey, Stephen Johnson, Connie Wood, Sheryl Morley, Lara Flint, Brand Niemann, Renee Richardson, Eric Richardson, Marie Weber,and Alisha Boyles

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